Plane tired

They feed you at the wrong time on Delta. Maybe they don’t understand, or maybe they don’t care, but one sure way to make it harder to cross time zones is to eat for the time zone you’re leaving, rather than the one you’re flying to. A case in point was Friday’s flight from New York.

The plane took off at midday from JFK, which was 2am in Tokyo. But, I guess because it was lunchtime in New York, the main meal was served within an hour of take off (about 3am destination time) and then the lights went out and people slept until breakfast was served, an hour before arrival. Who eats breakfast in the afternoon, apart from my wife and the morally dissolute?

What they should have done was to turn the lights out and have everyone sleep for eight hours, then feed them a huge brunch that would keep them going until touchdown. But I suppose most people would struggle to sleep at what would be early afternoon for them. (Wimps, accustomed to sleeping at normal hours. They should have sleep deprived themselves, like I did this week.)

I stayed awake as much as I could, banging through work on the plane and watching depressing movies. I was the fourth person off the plane in Singapore, the first through Immigration and the second person to retrieve their baggage, and then I had the usual hell of persuading my taxi driver that I lived in a public housing block and not a condo or a hotel.

Ominously, as I walked through the airport terminal I saw a British Airways A380 parked up at the gate, and a departure lounge full of passengers walking away from the air bridge. I’m pretty sure that flight should have departed two hours earlier: it looked like there was some kind of problem, and I have to hope that doesn’t recur tomorrow night when I catch the same plane out to London…

I caught up with the family via Skype on the way home, then couldn’t sleep until 3am, and then woke up, body wracked with pain, at about 5:30. I’m still not sure I ever really adjusted to New York time, but I’m not sure the meals made my return any easier.

Then again, there was precious little to eat when I got home, perhaps all that food was helpful in some way.

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