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  • Straight to bed

    La Serpiente made a stalwart effort to stay awake for the entire flight watching Paw Patrol episodes, but by 1am local time she was faltering and soon after she fell asleep, first sitting upright with her head looking around, then lying in my lap, then standing in the aisle with her head on my lap, […]

  • Coffee doesn’t always work

    This morning we woke about 7:30 and watched yesterday’s Dutch MotoGP race, and after screaming at the screen (the last fifteen minutes were full of nailbiting action, even if we were watching a recording from yesterday) we ate the remaining food in the house (some yogurt and two cupcakes) and then went out for our […]

  • Fighting to sleep

    I failed to heed my own advice and didn’t stay awake for long on the flight; I was unconscious by halfway through Miss Congeniality (just like the scriptwriters, ironically enough) and slept soundly for eight hours. Which meant I woke about midnight Singapore time and couldn’t get back to sleep, and so I arrived home […]

  • Up up and away again

    I had an anthropology graduate drive me to the airport today, so that meant I got to talk to somebody about colonialism for half an hour. Roughly half my Lyft drivers have been interesting on this trip, and the rest hardly spoke; there was an ex-domain broker, a political agent, an ultramarathon runner and a […]

  • Home again, again

    After 17 hours, I made it back to Singapore. My feet and calves are swollen to a revolting degree and my eyes are ready to drop out of my head. I watched the disappointing second half of The Accountant, the disappointing first half of The Mechanic: Resurrection, which has so scarce a plot I began […]

  • Jet lagged again

    I woke just before 6 this morning, went for a run and then walked to Palo Alto to pick up my ride to work. Google Maps told me the walk (2.4 miles) would take 51 minutes. Insulted by the implication around my walking speed, I set off in a sulk… and arrived 45 minutes later. […]

  • Everything hurts

    I’m sore all over, in so many different ways. Some of them I understand, like the pain in my shoulders from hefting a backpack with too much in it from my back to the overhead storage and back again. Some of it is less understandable, like the shooting pains down my arm or the way […]

  • Sleepy in Seattle

    I don’t recall sleeping on the plane today, so my eyes were bloodshot, the entire whites turning red. I veered from feeling dreadful to normal, depending on how much coffee I’d drunk, but mostly awful. The key to fighting jet lag is to keep moving, whether that’s across the city or across time zones. So […]

  • Early to rise, not early to bed

    I got home about 1:30 local time, having had about three hours sleep in the previous 24 hours. That made for a painful day today, ministering to La Serpiente’s demands, but probably easier for jet lag than if I’d slept more on the plane. I slept until about seven, when La Serpiente came into our […]

  • Another run around the reservoir

    I almost didn’t make it to the race today. I’d called for a taxi with plenty of time to spare, but when I got in the driver denied all knowledge of our destination. “Bedok” I said. “Where?” “Bedok” I said again. “You show me?” I’m not driving a taxi, and Bedok is well known around […]