Fighting to sleep

I failed to heed my own advice and didn’t stay awake for long on the flight; I was unconscious by halfway through Miss Congeniality (just like the scriptwriters, ironically enough) and slept soundly for eight hours. Which meant I woke about midnight Singapore time and couldn’t get back to sleep, and so I arrived home at 7am with all the joy squashed out of me.
La Serpiente was well behaved for her fourth birthday (well, she didn’t vomit over me) until in the afternoon when I suggested she watch Frozen. She was super enthusiastic about this, until we actually watched it. I keep forgetting how hyoer-sensitive to emotion she is. Halfway through the film her face was a mask of despair, brow furrowed, bottom lip bulging out as she fought the urge to weep. And then she refused to let us turn the film off. Destroyer, surprisingly, was much harder headed and just spent the movie jumping up and down on the sofa and laughing. So not optimal entertainment for either child. Thanks a bunch, Disney.

After the film was over, she and her sister screamed for literally half an hour, before taking part in such idiot hijinks as getting each others fingers caught in the front door, then complaining about it. Or Destroyer contriving to fall off her scooter in the hallway and bruise her collarbone All I wanted was the sweet release of sleep, but Destroyer didn’t want me to put her to bed, and screamed non stop (a leitmotif of the day, I guess) and then when I went into La Serpiente’s room, she made me lie down next to her, and I woke up an hour later.

And so, again, to bed.

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