Sleepy in Seattle

I don’t recall sleeping on the plane today, so my eyes were bloodshot, the entire whites turning red. I veered from feeling dreadful to normal, depending on how much coffee I’d drunk, but mostly awful. The key to fighting jet lag is to keep moving, whether that’s across the city or across time zones. So today while everyone else was napping I went to Target and bought a car seat to transport Destroyer in, as well as argue with a sales assistant about the behaviour of Coke drinkers (pace How Brands Grow).

That took us through to 2pm, when I went back to our friends house and woke up my wife and kids. Much anguish followed which only abated when we took Destroyer to the local toy shop. My eyes were starting to swivel back into my head at this point. I was either too hot or too cold or too wet (it was beginning to rain and the cold Seattle wind was blowing) but thank God there was a hipster coffee shop selling chocolate cookies and somehow that kept my upright for a little longer.

La Serpiente screamed at me all the way home, but as soon as we got home and I seized the chance to go to bed, she became overcome with joy. This was because she had found a ukulele and our hosts’ son came up with her to make as much noise as possible while I pressed a pillow into my face. I was tired enough that I went to sleep even amidst this din, and woke to find pizza had arrived. So a pretty good day all round.

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  1. Great, I’ve actually found someone who looks more knackered than me this morning, didn’t think this was possible! 🙂

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