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  • Stone Gardens

    After a day of playing Blood Bowl (one draw, one loss) and viewing houses, I went to Stone Gardens for an evening climb.

  • Seattle Bouldering Project

    After work today I went down to the Seattle Bouldering Project, which resides in an old industrial space quite close to the stadiums in the south of the city. Seattle Bouldering Project is big, much like everything in the US. I’m not sure if that is in and of itself a good thing, but I […]

  • Adverse weather conditions

    Today I had a 5k run in the woods of Seattle (Interlaken Park, where I forgot to switch my GPS on so I have no record of the struggles and tribulations of having to run up a muddy hill twice) and in the afternoon got drunk watching the Superbowl at somebody’s house. They were close […]

  • Pacific Science Center

    This morning we went to the Pacific Science Center, near the Space Needle in Seattle. It was a typical Seattle Saturday; grey and wet and cold, but the butterfly garden at the Center promised a bit of the warmth Singapore has accustomed me to. 

  • Dairy choices

    Ballard is a strange place, a hipster neighbourhood with a non-ironic strip bar next to a non-ironic biker bar round the corner from an elementary school. (My phone wants to autocorrect "non-ironic" to "non-profit" which must tell us something.) There’s a sign outside the school prohibiting not just cats and dogs, but pet potbellied pigs […]

  • Trolls of Seattle

    This morning I drove to the office with my family, and after breakfast they went off in search of a local park and the museum of small things. Three hours later they came back, having failed to visit the museum and instead going to a park full of drug addicts, and then to the local […]

  • Hoping for the big sleep

    I got to sleep about four this morning and then got up at eight, revolted by the contents of my sinuses, and then took a bus to work, leaving my wife to tend to the children. Who didn’t wake up until 11:30. That was sort of convenient for my wife (except for the anguish of […]

  • Caught napping, not napping

    This morning, after an interminable night of La Serpiente tossing and turning, culminating in her sleeping on my lap on the living room couch for three hours, we went out to the Ballard Farmers Market and I bought chocolate, doughnuts, coffee and an enormous oversized sweater for La Serpiente. Then we all went home and […]

  • Sleepy in Seattle

    I don’t recall sleeping on the plane today, so my eyes were bloodshot, the entire whites turning red. I veered from feeling dreadful to normal, depending on how much coffee I’d drunk, but mostly awful. The key to fighting jet lag is to keep moving, whether that’s across the city or across time zones. So […]

  • Arriving in Seattle

    When we got off the plane in Seattle, I was a bit wrecked. I’d maybe had three hours sleep, and I was tired, confused and deaf in my right ear. And we were two hours late. On the positive side, I’d watched lots of movies. On the negative, one of those was Draft Day, an […]