Trolls of Seattle

This morning I drove to the office with my family, and after breakfast they went off in search of a local park and the museum of small things. Three hours later they came back, having failed to visit the museum and instead going to a park full of drug addicts, and then to the local branch of REI, a sporting goods cooperative. In the afternoon, my presentations completed, I took them on a tour of Seattle.


returned to REI to buy vast amounts of extra stuff
went round and round the maze of one way stresses created by construction work
stopped at the Dahlia Bakery and bought posh doughnuts and a maple chocolate eclair
drove to the troll in Fremont
tried to parallel park on a steep hill under the Fremont Bridge, and instead almost stranded the car, two wheels up on the curb
scared La Ssrpiente by making her walk to see the troll
tried unsuccessfully to feed Destroyer doughnuts, gave up, scoffed the whole bag ourselves
abandoned the idea of trolls as suitable entertainment for small children, and drove to the chocolate factory instead

Theo, the chocolate factory, is over the road from a pub selling an idiotically wide array of craft beer, and a warehouse that used to serve as the screen of an outdoor cinema (the walls have been recently painted black, which I assume puts an end to that), and a bicycle shop where I purchased a new, loud bell for the running stroller, after testing every bell in the shop. From my study, it appears Japanese bells are higher pitched than American ones, which are louder.

We loaded up at the chocolate factory (there are new festive flavours like cranberry orange) then went home, and while decide was busy cleaning the kids, I went and filled the car up with petrol, bought a big bottle of cough syrup and then came home to go narcoleptic on the sofa. All these early morning starts with La Sdroiente are really taking their toll. Or maybe somebody is trolling me.

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