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  • More doughnut-related hijinks

    Because I enjoy doughnuts and toroids in general, I was delighted today to continue yesterday’s theme by going to get an MRI scan for my knee, as this involved lying inside a gigantic doughnut-shaped magnet.

  • Getting out of Bangkok again

    I had two beers last night, woke up today feeling dreadful. Maybe I should lay off the booze until after the marathon. The Westin in Bangkok is admirably soulless, so I had a vaguely disappointing, transactional breakfast (when the doughnuts aren’t a source of infinite joy, something is very slightly wrong with the world and […]

  • Trolls of Seattle

    This morning I drove to the office with my family, and after breakfast they went off in search of a local park and the museum of small things. Three hours later they came back, having failed to visit the museum and instead going to a park full of drug addicts, and then to the local […]

  • Surprise in Leavenworth

    I got up early on my birthday and went out to buy doughnuts, an epic journey through the freezing streets of Seattle. I left wife and child sound asleep: after the previous night, where hostilities only abated at six in the morning, it was crucial to let them sleep. I peered in at about ten, […]

  • The disappointment of doing doughnuts

    I lost 42 and a half minutes of my life today, on hold waiting for Air Canada’s reservations department to answer the phone. All I wanted to do was ensure that I got a vegetarian meal on the flight back to London at the weekend, a task that took thirty seconds to achieve when I […]