More doughnut-related hijinks

Because I enjoy doughnuts and toroids in general, I was delighted today to continue yesterday’s theme by going to get an MRI scan for my knee, as this involved lying inside a gigantic doughnut-shaped magnet.
Preparing for an MRI is a little nerve-wracking. Because of the magnet you can’t take any metal into the examination room, including implants like pacemakers and stents, and when they asked me if I’d had any injuries that might have left metal in my body, I was plagued with worry. What if I’d absent mindedly forgottem about the time I’d been pelted with shrapnel? Were the fillings in my teeth going to rocket out when I had my scan?

I shouldn’t have worried. my mouth remained intact. I hadn’t realised that the MRI is very loud. That should have been obvious, given it’s a big, high powered electromagnet, but it hadn’t crossed my mind. Although they gave me ear plugs and a pair of headphones playing dreadful Britpop to take my mind off it, the constant clanking of the machine drowned everything else out.

It wasn’t at all claustrophobic, which is what I’d been warned about, but then I only had my legs in the machine, not my head, so I guess that helped. The clunking and clanking went on for an interminable time, and then, without much warning, I was done, and ocuod change back into my regular clothes, put my watch and wedding ring back on, and be on my way. Apart from the noise, it was quite relaxing to have a lie down. Would recommend to anyone wanting to get something examined and also have a nice respite from standing up.

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