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  • Ford Mustang GT-R Fastback

    When I arrived at the Hertz rental desk yesterday, excited to get my hands on a muscle car, they told me that some clown had returned the car with a crack in the windshield and it wasn’t available for rental, and my face dropped. The woman on the counter saw my obvious distress and offered […]

  • Driving home

    The Jagerbombs were a mistake. Not even in retrospect, even when we were drinking them In knew they were a bad idea, that the cheque wasn’t so much in the post as dispatched by an express courier and awaiting my signature when I got to my bed. And so it was: I woke at 6, […]

  • Off to Dorset

    I ran the Crystal Palace Parkrun in the morning in just over 23 minutes, the slowest I’ve ever run it, then drove home, packed my wife in the car and drove to Dorset. I didn’t warm down. This would turn out to be a mistake.

  • Lisbon

    This morning we put the kids in the car and drove to Lisbon, heading to the aquarium. When visiting aquariums, you usually want to arrive as early as possible, before a crowd of people collects in front of every window. So we were scheduled to arrive at 9:55, 5 minutes before it opened. We arrived […]

  • Chocolates, cheese and jumpy castles

    Early one morning, while making the rounds, I took a shot of cocaine and I – hang on, I’m not Johnny Cash, which is a relief. Instead, I put on my running shoes and did a two mile run around Margaret River. I got a bit lost and went to the top of a hill, […]

  • Fremantle to Margaret River

    This morning we packed up and left the apartment in Fremantle. I liked it: it had a nice view of the harbour from the balcony, the kitchen was nicely outfitted, the underfloor heating was awesome and the bed was enormous. But it wasn’t suitable for children – whether that was the steps everywhere for small […]

  • Driven to distraction

    My wife located a free Christmas tree via social media, and today I went out to get it, from a condo in Pasir Panjong, about 15 minutes’ drive away. Usually I’d rely on a taxi but today I tried GrabCar, the homegrown-equivalent of Uber. I’ve never had much luck with Uber (generally the drivers fail […]

  • Trolls of Seattle

    This morning I drove to the office with my family, and after breakfast they went off in search of a local park and the museum of small things. Three hours later they came back, having failed to visit the museum and instead going to a park full of drug addicts, and then to the local […]

  • Vancouver to Seattle

    We drove back from Vancouver to Seattle today. This wasn’t very exciting, but there were a few notable moments: Getting lost and driving around Canadian industrial estates for half an hour Being overtaken on I-5 by somebody who was abruptly pulled over by the police seconds later Waiting to go through Customs at the border […]

  • Leavenworth to Vancouver

    I drove from Leavenworth to Vancouver today: about five hours, through beautiful mountain passes, along the sides of immense lakes and past frozen waterfalls. And down the high occupancy vehicle lane of the freeway through Seattle, revelling in the clear space put in front of me because I’d installed my wife and child in the […]