Hoping for the big sleep

I got to sleep about four this morning and then got up at eight, revolted by the contents of my sinuses, and then took a bus to work, leaving my wife to tend to the children. Who didn’t wake up until 11:30. That was sort of convenient for my wife (except for the anguish of suspense) but it left her in the quandary that if they had a nap, they’d never sleep tonight.

So instead, she took them to Salmon Bay Park, where there is a large patch of mud for children to stand in. From the photos, they seemed quite content. Or perhaps that was because Destroyer got a shovel that was taller than her. I felt a lot better once I was at work and not hacking up phlegm everywhere, and I had a few luxurious hours to work on PowerPoint slides and have calls with my colleagues. I’m working today and tomorrow but people are strangely deferential, as though working on the other side of the world is a superogatory act worthy of great acclaim.

What’s next? "He put the toilet lid down before he flushed? Round of applause!"

Well, let’s not rule that out.

Heading home, I missed a bus by ten seconds. I got level with the driver and waved frantically, invisible in my black coat and black gloves, just as he pulled away. So that was another ten minutes standing in the cold waiting. At least when I returned home the kids were near exhaustion and so it was easy to load them into bed and get them to sleep. None of the idiocy of last night, I hope. I can just sleep, sleep lie I’ve never slept before.

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