Another parkrun

This morning I went for another parkrun. After yesterday’s bogfest in the hills of Croydon, my watch had told me I needed to take 46 hours rest before the next bit of exercise. I don’t think my watch was very wrong; I woke sore, head and lungs not quite right. Perhaps I was trying to keep to a resolution of a parkrun every day of 2016.

Today’s run was at Crystal Palace, which I think is a hillier course than Lloyd Park, but mostly on tarmac and hardpacked dirt, rather than wet slippery mud. So I could run up hills, but wirh my tired legs I wasn’t capable of running very fast. Again, I took off as quick as I could at the start, and again, I slipped down the order as I struggled on every climb and didn’t manage to make it up on the descents.

Ignominiously, I was overtaken by not one but two people pushing strollers. That would have been bad enough on a flat course, but when they had to contend with the same hills that I did, I felt even slower in comparison.

On the positive side, after the run somebody came up to me to talk about the Singapore parkrun, recognising me from my running top. And I did run three minutes faster than yesterday. At this rate of improvement, I’ll hit a 17 minute 5k in two days.

Well, maybe. We spent most of the rest of today packing (four enormous suitcases, making the most of my, my wife’s, La Serpiente’s and Destroyer’s luggage allowances – even a six month old is entitled to 23 kilos on BA) and then panicking when the taxi we ordered turned up and turned out to only be an estate, rather than a van capable of absorbing all those suitcases, plus stroller, Trunki, car seats and all our other paraphernalia.

Magically, it turns out that a Vauxhall estate can accommodate four enormous suitcases and everything else we had, and our driver had a lead weight for a right foot and an encyclopedic knowledge of the back streets of Dulwich, so we arrived at Heathrow bang on schedule. Just after La Serpiente went to sleep, which meant she woke up confused and enraged, just in time for us to get her through check in and security.

There’s a soft play area for kids tucked away at the end of Terminal 5, and we loaded La Serpiente in there. As chance would have it, friends from Singapore were in there with their son, La Serpiente’s playmate, Nando. (His father is from South London like me, which is why he named his son after a popular chain of peri peri chicken restaurants.) Sadly this time La Serpiente wasn’t keen to remain in the soft play arena, and insisted on scampering around the terminal until I broke down and carried her to Pret A Manger for a babycinno and a gingerbread snowman. Then it was the long hard slog onto the plane and then a longer wait for the plane to take off (some clown didn’t turn up for the flight so they had to unpack the luggage and remove a case), making La Serpiente rage against the dying of the light for two hours, before finally flopping asleep. Oh, and apparently getting terrified by an episode of Scooby Doo.

So perhaps I won’t be running another 5k in the next two days.

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  1. I haven’t run for 2 weeks (I don’t count the treadmill) so the hill to work was a killer today, jelly legs by the end of it. And then on my way home, I saw someone *full out sprinting* past me as I trudged up the hill. I think there is no substitute for hills in, well, running hills.

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