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  • A year later and three minutes slower

    Today was the second annual Singapore Shufflers 5k Handicap, where we arranged ourselves in ascending order of speed, and then ran around Bedok Reservoir. My speed had been judged on the basis of how fast I ran last year, which was a little cruel, because I did a 5k time of 19:36, and the best […]

  • Praying Mantises

    This afternoon I went for a run, for the first time in eons. I think I did a Parkrun earlier this year, but today I waited until it was ludicrously hot, and after I was tired from a day of taking the kids to museums and swimming lessons, and then finally went out. I wasn’t […]

  • ASICS Relay 2017

    A month or two ago, I signed up as part of a team to run the ASICS Relay in Singapore. I like relay races because they usually mean a much shorter distance, so the ratio of fun to pain is better, and it’s more exciting and more communal an experience than just a bunch of […]

  • A parkrun in the rain

    It poured with rain last night, so much that it couldn’t possibly rain any more today. So I was surprised to wake at 6 this morning to the sound of further rain. I got up, careful not to wake anyone, and crept from the house to the car, just as the rain stopped. Then I […]

  • Good Afternoon

    Things didn’t start too well. When La Serpiente woke up and started screaming, we tried to placate her with the promise of her current favourite snack, cheese and crackers. But she’s already eaten all the crackers in the house, and a toasted cheese sandwich with the crusts cut off was rejected out of hand as […]

  • A run and stuff

    This morning I got up at six thirty, has breakfast, rode to the East Coast Park and ran a 5k in 20 minutes and 1 second. After the marathon and after not doing significant speed work for the last month and a half, it was nice to get back to it with my fastest time […]

  • Bad Dad’s Morning Run

    We’d told La Serpiente she would be coming on my run this morning, but I snoozed my six a.m. alarm and when she came in to my room and lay down next to me at 6:30, she might have said she wanted to come, but she was still fast asleep at seven when I got […]

  • Dangling by a thread and a safety pin

    When I took La Serpiente to school this morning, after she’d eaten the exterior of a pain au chocolat and drunk her baby combo, she told me she was tired because she’d been walking around last night, looking for me. Why? Because she had had a dream about me, and she was sad. No further […]

  • One way to start the morning

    This morning I had a 5k race on the salt marshes outside Halifax. I was looking forward to this because salt marshes are pancake flat, and the combination of that with the sensible weather of Nova Scotia would mean that my Singapore-given aerobic fitness would be put to its best use. Instead of having to […]

  • Another parkrun

    This morning I went for another parkrun. After yesterday’s bogfest in the hills of Croydon, my watch had told me I needed to take 46 hours rest before the next bit of exercise. I don’t think my watch was very wrong; I woke sore, head and lungs not quite right. Perhaps I was trying to […]