Dangling by a thread and a safety pin

When I took La Serpiente to school this morning, after she’d eaten the exterior of a pain au chocolat and drunk her baby combo, she told me she was tired because she’d been walking around last night, looking for me. Why? Because she had had a dream about me, and she was sad. No further detail was forthcoming.

This evening, after I’d put her to bed (with one complaint about a possibly or possibly not imaginary splinter in her finger) I went out for a punishing 10k run, that turned out to be a 5k run after I managed one loop and then conked out. At least my neck and shoulders weren’t all screwed up like yesterday.

I got home, showered, drank a pint of milk and was on the verge of writing this when La Serpiente came into my bedroom, complaining of being sad and lonely and needing to be held. So after taking her back to her bed and hugging her, I had twenty minutes of weeping while she demanded her mother (who had gone to bed at nine after having been awake since 4). Presented with maternal authority, she acquiesced but I worry that was just the first wave of the assault on our sleep tonight. Ah, parenthood.

Meanwhile, I’ve destroyed another piece of running apparel. The heart rate strap for my Stryd is a ribbon of fabric with a loop made by gluing part of it back on itself so a fastener can be slotted through. After four months of use, the glue has dissolved under the tide of sweat I produce, and I’m having to hold it together with a safety pin and rage. Sadly that didn’t translate into a faster than usual run tonight, even if it may have assisted my punk credentials.


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