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  • Demented children

    When Destroyer doesn’t get what she wants, or thinks she isn’t getting what she wants (eg "Destroyer, you can play for ten more minutes before we have to go to school" "No! I want five more minutes!") she often utters an angry, high-pitched grunt, and we really would like her not to do this.

  • Flying back from KL

    There were lots of angry people at Kuala Lumpur International Airport today. There was a white haired British gent behind me in the check in queue who wouldn’t stop swearing because things were going fast enough. He must have got more annoyed, because later I saw him take the slow queue through Immigration while I […]

  • Off track

    I ran to the National Stadium track today to do a run at race pace. I’m only aiming for 3:30 for the Bagan Marathon, which equates to 2 minute laps at the track (except track pace is probably faster than real life pace, especially if Bagan is all sand) but given how out of training […]

  • Life’s a beach

    After happily sleeping for twelve hours on Friday night, it was almost inevitable that we’d get no sleep on Saturday night, and so I felt like death today. I took a nap and woke unable to tell if I was tired or just paralysed, and then we went to the beach at Sentosa to see […]

  • Blood on the walls

    We like the villa we’re staying in very much. Unfortunately, so do the mosquitoes from down the hill, and an army of them flew in last night and spent the limited time they had before we got to them drinking our daughters’ blood. The rest of the family are pretty much unscathed, but La Serpiente […]

  • Waiting for a number

    Tonight after work I went to collect my number for the marathon. I’ve done this lots of times before, in Singapore and round the world. The organiser rents the biggest hall they can find, fills half of it with vendors selling running-related tat, and the other half is full of volunteers handing out race numbers […]

  • Dangling by a thread and a safety pin

    When I took La Serpiente to school this morning, after she’d eaten the exterior of a pain au chocolat and drunk her baby combo, she told me she was tired because she’d been walking around last night, looking for me. Why? Because she had had a dream about me, and she was sad. No further […]

  • Quick quick slow

    After my longest run since before I left Singapore and then came back to Singapore, after a week of constantly drinking and then going spinning while hungover at the weekend, after staying up late watching every single episode of Children’s Hospital and playing too much Township, and after a day at work where I was […]

  • Hypocrisy is not a luxury good

    Killing time in WHSmiths before boarding my train tonight, I saw the Daily Mail’s entire front page is a headline complaining about the hypocrisy of cinemas. This is because several large chains are not playing an advert for the Church of England, but do show violent ads for booze to children. I’m not sure who […]

  • Walking Backwards

    I had to go to the hospital twice today; once in the morning to sort out registration of our second daughter, who now has a name and paperwork and all the stuff required to start being a legitimate resident of the country, and again in the afternoon for a check in with our doctor. For […]