Long return

I woke at 5:30 this morning to go too the airport, just in time to discover my first flight had been delayed by half an hour. So off we went to the airport and a short argument with an automated baggage drop that refused to recognise bar codes, before wandering off for a final Tim Horton’s with my wife.
The first flight was only to Toronto, which takes only a couple of hours. I went to a kiosk to get my boarding passes, and it scanned my passport and then told me my flights were cancelled. Steam began to escape my ears, so I went to find an airline agent, who asked me how my day was going. I replied that I’d just had two flights cancelled, possibly quite vociferously. Anyway, the tone of my voice intimidated the global reservation system and tada! I was back on for my next two flights.

As I’m on my own, I could take the Global Entry line to US passport control, but because the Canadians are egalitarian, the queue to get your baggage xrayed seems just as slow as the regular line. My bag got shunted to the special inspection line and I thought this was further trouble, but perhaps because I’d been so helpful stacking up the plastic trays as they came out of the xray machine, I was waved on.

Thence to the Global Entry machine. I’ve not used this since I got my visa (first time back I was with the wife and kids, and second time I was driving a car) so this was my first attempt to fast track through passport control. It fingerprinted me, photographed me and then printed out a receipt with a big X on it, which qualified me to talk to another passport officer, and then I was through and walking to my gate.

I thought we were done with things going wrong, but lo and behold, trying to get on the plane I had my boarding pass scanned, and then was told there was something wrong, and I had to go back to the desk. So I did, and after a quick glance the agent told me I was fine to board..By now I had figured out this was just one of those days where Delta wanted to do everything in their power to mess with my head, so when the Detroit to Seattle flight was delayed an hour and then moved from one end of the airport to the other, I just played Blood Bowl and didn’t get stressed.

Well, I say that. My computer was low on power and Delta had provided power outlets at the gate, but my power adaptor constantly fell out unless I held it in place. Slightly above my shoulder height. So, Er, thanks for that.

Finally, though, our plane took off for Seattle. With any luck, I’m but an hour or so from home now.

What am I saying? Looking forward to two weeks roaming the labyrinth below SeaTac…

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