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This morning, my daughter celebrated being two years and three hours old by yelling and screaming until I went in to see her. I carefully explained that at two a.m. I wasn’t going to be lifting her out of her cot, and she raged for a while before saying "Daddy out" at which point I left the room and she went back to sleep. I couldn’t sleep though, so I fumbled about and eventually went to nap on the sofa in the living room, which gave me enough time for a short snooze before it was 4:30 and she woke up again to demand milk. I fell asleep on the floor of her bedroom, woke up later confused, and then as she managed to snooze until 7:30, sort of got a decent sleep. Sort of. I don’t think I’d ever been capable of sleeping on floors before. It’s wonderful what having a child does for your ability to sleep.

With new baby almost here, I’ve decided I need some way to keep fit. Unfortunately, after a long day at work in knackered and want to watch television and eat ice cream. Trying to do a plank for fifteen seconds this evening made me feel very bent out of shape so maybe that’s not the perfect exercise choice for me. Any recommendations?

I’m hoping that now I have to regularly pick up and carry around La Serpiente Aquatica Negra, my arms and back are much stronger and so manhandling baby #2 will be a lot easier than the brutal onslaught that was baby #1. On the other hand, perhaps I’ve forgotten how much it is going to hurt, rocking the child to sleep. That sounds like it should be a calm and peaceful endeavour, but it can be hell on the knees.

I’m also wondering now how our first child will react to the arrival of our second. It will be a bit strange for her, I guess, changing from being the centre of attention (especially as she’s had the last week as a continual stream of people giving her birthday presents) but I suppose she has to adjust at some point. Parenting the second time round should be easier in some ways (you’ve been through it before, you should have less surprises) but then we were spoiled with our first child with not having a two year old constantly grabbing at us for attention while we changed nappies and tried to be good people.

There’s going to be a lack of sleep, that’s for sure.

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