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I meant to go for a run at lunchtime today, but meetings collided with my plans and instead I had to walk dolefully around the office building, confused about whether I should drink more coffee or not. To make up for this lassitude, this evening I walked to the Bellevue Mall and bought myself a Fitbit.

The Fitbit is a small plastic lozenge, slightly longer than the last joint of my little finger, containing electronic gubbins like some white LEDs, some accelerometers and a Bluetooth radio chip, and all these things, once secured to your wrist inside a rubber strap, help to track how much physical activity you’ve done. (I think the bendy strap is the Flex part, versus the older, clunkier, clip on your belt original Fitbit.)

It’s not perfectly accurate. I’m pretty sure the intense 26 minutes of activity I logged this evening weren’t that extreme, because for the most part I was bouncing La Serpiente Negra on my lap, or carrying her to look at some shoes, or walking in and out of various restaurants, but perfect accuracy isn’t the goal here; it’s about providing cues to stimulate exercise, and to gradually increase how much you do.

Tomorrow I’ll run to Top Pot from our hotel and back, and compare the Garmin GPS reading with what the Fitbit says, and make some deductions about how under/over inflated it is.

In the meantime, I’m going to go to sleep. One novelty with the Fitbit is that it provides sleep tracking. You have to tap it furiously just before you go to sleep, to tell it you’re sleeping, and wake it up again in the morning, but it should report to me how much I move around at night, and maybe imply I should drink less coffee.

There’s a whole bunch of social networking tools built into Fitbit’s site, to tell you you’re doing more (or less) than your friends. I’m not so concerned about keeping up with the Joneses (or maybe I don’t have enough friends), but anything with shiny graphs makes me happy. I hope this is equally true in six months time, otherwise the Fitbit may be just an expensive plastic bauble. We shall see…
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  1. It sounds like the name of a breakfast cereal.

    The displays are why I love the gym so much and have been resisting Athletics-coach-down-the-road’s suggestion that I join Lewes Athletics Club Endurance section. Athough he did mention a thing called a pub-run. Now that’s something that would get me interested and that the gym can’t provide.

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