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  • Stepping up

    Instead of going for a couple of drinks to decompress after the comedy last night, we went to a dreadful bar in Boat Quay for some tepid beer, then to Brewerkz in Clarke Quay where we played a game or three of pool with a couple of incredibly moody Celts (an angry one from Cork […]

  • Fitbit Charge HR

    Today I bought another fitness tracker, just over three months after the last one I lost. (At that point, I swore I’d never go for another Fitbit again, aggravated by flimsy clasps and units that couldn’t cope with sweat or being inserted into their charger.) I bought the Fitbit Charge HR partly because there wasn’t […]

  • Getting close to the end of the year

    Various unrelated things have happened in the last couple of days, although I suppose they’re related by virtue of all happening to me. Nothing is ever truly arbitrary.

  • What I learned this weekend

    The haze lingered in Singapore and so again, we didn’t do much today. So opportunities for learning were rather minimised. Even so: Compression tights are not a universal panacea. Despite wearing compression gear after going spinning yesterday, and during my ill-advised ten mile run, and for most of today, my calves are still sore and […]

  • Another hard Monday night

    This evening I went to 7cycle for another spin class. Beforehand, I weighed myself, and when I came back I weighed myself again, subtracted the weight of the water I’d drunk in the class, and discovered that I’d managed to lose 1.8 kilos in 50 minutes. I drank another bottle of water when I got […]

  • Pattern recognition

    La Serpiente Aquatica Negra has learned two words: "Mummy" and "Daddy". Now, after bath time, when she sits on the bed between us, in that calm moment between getting dressed for bed and going to sleep, my wife can say "Daddy" and she turns to look at me and then gurgles, and then I say […]

  • Mexican food, Fitbits and discipline

    Tonight I went straight back to the MRT station after Spanish tonight, rather than wander round Bugis in ever-decreasing circles, and walked from Telok Ayer station to Pistola, where I bought some more tacos. That’s two Mexican meals in less than a week; you’d think I’d be sick of them, particularly after my ten thousand […]

  • A series of hapless errors

    Tonight I went to my first Spanish class for ages, and learnt the word "despistado" which either means"negligent", or "absent-minded", or "clueless", depending on how pejorative you want to be with your translation. In a room where I was the only British English speaker, it was disorienting to hear people state categorically that "clueless" was […]

  • Fitbit Flex

    I meant to go for a run at lunchtime today, but meetings collided with my plans and instead I had to walk dolefully around the office building, confused about whether I should drink more coffee or not. To make up for this lassitude, this evening I walked to the Bellevue Mall and bought myself a […]