What I learned this weekend

The haze lingered in Singapore and so again, we didn’t do much today. So opportunities for learning were rather minimised. Even so:

Compression tights are not a universal panacea. Despite wearing compression gear after going spinning yesterday, and during my ill-advised ten mile run, and for most of today, my calves are still sore and I still spent most of the day stumbling like a zombie through life. The first time I felt human was about 4:15 this afternoon, when I had a fruit smoothie while pushing Destroyer’s stroller around a shopping mall.

It’s good to know when to give up. I’m now more than 250 pages into Parasites Like Us, but I’m still not enjoying it, nor feeling that I’m learning much from it. I suppose the other thing to take from this is that judging a book by its cover (a stylised pig on fire) is not a good idea. It’s a loan from the library, so no money has been wasted, but think of the time when I could have been reading something else.

I have reached peak beard. Although I now know it’s too big – it interferes with me kissing my wife, eating food and not shedding hair, I can’t remember when I stopped shaving, which is really unhelpful as I don’t know how long it will take to return to this ridiculous state.

At three months and ten days, Destroyer has become really cute. Or perhaps I’m biased, but the toothless grins, the reaction to us talking to her, the constant attempts to stand, they’re all quite wonderful.

The combination of a step ladder, stick on luminous stars and an app on your phone that displays constellations allows you to do great things. I spent half an hour today sticking the Big Dipper, Orion and Canis Major to the ceiling above La Serpiente’s bed, and although in the daylight this looks quite hamfisted and inelegant, aa they gently glow in the dark, I seem to have an aesthetically pleasing, reasonably accurate night sky for my child to look at. And as I’ve still got about forty stars left, by Christmas I should have the whole ceiling done.

Also, you don’t need a US credit card to purchase films through the US Microsoft store any more. As long as you have a Paypal account, you can do it.
This is great if you want to watch things which aren’t distributed in Singapore (the breadth of media is much less in the Singaporean iTunes Store, for example, than the British one, and also more expensive, and last time I looked, Microsoft didn’t even have a Singapore film or TV offering. However, you still need a US address to fill in a form at some point, and downloading was painfully slow – I wanted to watch Magic Mike XXL last night, and downloading a two hour film took upward of five hours, but patience and cunning may be enough. For now. I remember getting a stern telling off from Microsoft for enrolling in a US-only scheme before (remember when they actually paid you to do searches on Bing?) so this window into another country’s films may not last forever.

And my Fitbit won’t charge. Which seems to indicate they have a lifespan of around four months. Why not just return to where you bought it? Sure, next time I fly through Heathrow I must remember to bring unreliable electronics with me…

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