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  • Canada Day

    The 1st of July is Canada Day, and to celebrate, we went out on a friend’s boat for a couple of hours around Halifax harbour and around the Eastern Passage. La Serpiente got to drive.

  • What I Learned This Weekend

    If you’re jet lagged from flying from London to Singapore and Singapore to Tokyo and Tokyo to Singapore in less than 7 days, you won’t run very fast. I went out for a run this evening around 8:30, and didn’t manage even 3 km before turning back, knackered. I find myself in a quandary; if […]

  • What I Learned Last Weekend

    Amy is a spectacularly depressing film. Having watched every dreadful film on the way out (Vacation, Get Hard, and others too numerous to mention) on the way back to Singapore I watched … Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Which was even worse than my wife warned me. But I also watched Amy, a documentary about […]

  • What I Learned This Weekend

    Delta has much nicer blankets in Business Class than in Economy (from the Westin, no less) but the toilets in the Business Class section are the same as those further back in the plane – no more palatial restroom for rich petter. That’s a certain sort of equality? Not all calories are equal. I have […]

  • What I Learned This Weekend

    Precious little opportunities to learn this weekend, as I spent most of it asleep. And what time I did spend awake, I mostly wasted by watching movie trailers on Youtube, or watching old Kevin Smith films like Mall Rats. (Although watching Mall Rats is never a waste of time.) However, I did learn that: it’s […]

  • What I Learned This Weekend

    I didn’t have much opportunity to learn things this weekend, because I spent a lot of it on an aeroplane, asleep. However, I gleaned a few insights: The whole of Colorado is higher than every part of England. That is, when in Colorado you’ll always be above everyone in England, unless you’re in a very […]

  • Things I learned this weekend

    Jet lag is great for getting your kids to sleep. Not so wonderful for you when they wake up at stupid o’clock. I really do jump to conclusions much too quickly when there’s a bad smell. The bassinet seats on British Airways’ A380s aren’t great because you can’t move the armrests to allow your child […]

  • What I Learned This Weekend

    When recovering from a night of heavy drinking, I breathe too loudly. Apparently.a night of heavy drinking I can run all the way from my home to the start of the Parkrun, and still run 5k in less than 25 minutes. I think this means I should be able to tackle another marathon sooner rather […]

  • Things I learned this weekend (exercise edition)

    ?Not every Daniel Craig Bond film is a triumph. Oh, but why did it have to be such a long, cold disappointment? There’s a marathon in July in Nova Scotia. So if I get myself into gear, I could combine the yearly trip home with running a very long way, wearing unattractive shorts. Everyone is […]

  • What I learned this week

    My phone is trying to tell me something. Or get me into trouble. Look at what happens if I try to tell my wife that I’m having a shitstorm at work: I’m not sure if this means my phone is making racist generalisations, or trying to provoke rage in my wife at apparent confessions of […]