Things I learned this weekend

Jet lag is great for getting your kids to sleep. Not so wonderful for you when they wake up at stupid o’clock.

I really do jump to conclusions much too quickly when there’s a bad smell.

The bassinet seats on British Airways’ A380s aren’t great because you can’t move the armrests to allow your child to comfortably sleep on your lap. But all the other seats have arm rests that only move up to 45 degrees from horizontal, so what’s the use?

Oh, and window seats on British Airways A380s have terrible legroom. But I already knew that, didn’t I?

Children love playing with leaves, if you let them. But if they throw them in air and get them blown back in their face, they’ll hate it, and blame you.

If you buy a babycinno at the Costa in Bromley and your child immediately drops it on the floor, they’ll give you a second, gratis.

Beards and air travel are a poor combination, in every way.

What benefit you get from training in the tropics is negated when in England, but I can’t figure out if that’s because of hills or sleep deprivation.

I failed to watch Chelsea play football this week, and they won. Coincidence? Doubtful.

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