What I Learned This Weekend

I didn’t have much opportunity to learn things this weekend, because I spent a lot of it on an aeroplane, asleep. However, I gleaned a few insights:

The whole of Colorado is higher than every part of England. That is, when in Colorado you’ll always be above everyone in England, unless you’re in a very deep hole and they have purchased particularly long stilts. I learned that from the first chapter of this book.

I should have learned this before, but the economy seats on BA A380s seem to be uncomfortably narrow. On the other hand, Heathrow Terminal 5 is pretty empty on a Saturday night at the end of November, so it’s got that going for it.

When you use data roaming, Starhub send you an itemised bill for every bit of data you download. That’s ten-and-a-quarter sides of A4, printed with “Docomo – 5kb” or “Softbank – 12kb” again and again in incredibly small type. You’d think they’d just total it up and say “700 Mb” but apparently I’ll really feel the value from those roaming charges if I see exactly what I paid for. It almost makes me regret buying a UK SIM card last week, and thus avoiding getting a twelve-kilogram phone bill in the middle of this month…

Not much learned, then. Let’s see how this week goes…

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