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  • A close shave

    Today I must have reached peak beard, that point at which your phizzog is just too hairy for you to cope with any more. I got my clippers off the shelf, adjusted the guard to 1 ¼ inches, and shaved a fist-sized lump of wiry black hair off my face and into the sink.

  • Warm and fuzzy

    It took me two hours to get from the office to Narita airport. I got a taxi from Roppongi at 5pm and then had half an hour of stress as the circuitous route we took to the railway station felt like it was going on as long as driving to Narita would have taken, even […]

  • Early morning pick me up

    For the first time in decades, somebody tried to pick me up. To my surprise and bemusement, this wasn’t in a club full of loud music and people shouting, but at breakfast on a Monday morning.

  • Early birthday presents

    It’s my birthday tomorrow, but after opening some of my presents on Saturday – new cycling shorts, new pants and socks, and Guy Martin’s second autobiography – I had one more parcel that my wife had given me to fly back to Singapore with. It had the concerning dimensions and weight of a small, hyper […]

  • Different worries on a day off

    Today was a holiday in Singapore, which we celebrated with La Serpiente charging into our bedroom at 7 am, shouting at us. Ever since she was sick, she’s been in a venomous mood when she wakes up. On the plus side, she’s been sleeping through the night, so when she does her early-morning banshee impression […]

  • What I learned this weekend

    Your children will trample on your dreams. Literally. Don’t expect a hipster hairdresser to be on time, or anything to do with time at all.Because I look like this, my wife demanded I do something about the increasing invisibility of my mouth behind a hedge of facial hair. Desperate to get this sorted out, she […]

  • What I learned this weekend

    The haze lingered in Singapore and so again, we didn’t do much today. So opportunities for learning were rather minimised. Even so: Compression tights are not a universal panacea. Despite wearing compression gear after going spinning yesterday, and during my ill-advised ten mile run, and for most of today, my calves are still sore and […]

  • Shaven

    One of my birthday presents was a shave at a posh barbershop around the corner from our flat. (The other presents were a hat, a book about squid, a book about shit, a book of science fiction and some very lovely shampoos and unguents to make me look nicer.) Today, I took the opportunity to […]

  • Hair, here?

    In theory, a barber should enjoy job security, as long as everybody doesn’t go bald there will always be hair to cut. But since most people don’t think cutting hair can be especially hard, and because there are lots of people looking for a way to make money, it’s not as easy a life as […]

  • Butter and beards

    A few years ago, I drank so much one night that I didn’t realize I was still drunk the next morning until I sobered up at noon. Similarly, I was so tired after Bangkok that I didn’t remember until today how dumb I was. Sleep deprivation is truly wonderful.