Different worries on a day off

Today was a holiday in Singapore, which we celebrated with La Serpiente charging into our bedroom at 7 am, shouting at us. Ever since she was sick, she’s been in a venomous mood when she wakes up. On the plus side, she’s been sleeping through the night, so when she does her early-morning banshee impression I’m more mentally prepared to deal with it.

It turns out that the cure for most of our child’s rage is to give her more food to eat. In this, she’s fairly similar to her father. She’s yet to develop a love of expensive and sport-specific footwear, but give her time…

This morning we walked to Tiong Bahru, where I bought a bottle of beard oil. This is something that I’m meant to rub into my beard to make it soft and well-conditioned, and which means I’ll probably get bored of my beard next week and shave it off. Although that’s probably a reaction to Movember, that yearly event when facial hair dilletantes decide to sprout some fuzz for a month, rather than develop long term commitment to looking like a hedge.

Of course, if I do keep the beard then that means my other large mound of male grooming equipment – shaving cream and aftershave and brushes and whatnot – will gather dust on the shelf instead. It’s a no-win situation.

More happily, I went to 7Cycle this afternoon to have a spin session, which was longer and tougher than I’d expected, and I also found out that my heart rate monitor is picked up by adjacent bicycles. So now anyone next to me can see how badly I’m suffering. Or perhaps they think my 168 bpm maximum is just me slacking off.

It felt a little perverse to go exercise indoors when the haze has actually relented (we were back down to almost healthy levels of pollution today). We’d wanted to go to MacRitchie Reservoir and walk around, but we don’t have a way to transport the kids safely in a reasonable time – if we took car seats, we’d have to lug them around the trail, and if we went on the bus it would take about an hour to get there. However, we’re just not thinking creatively enough. Walking around today we saw a family of seven in a medium-sized car – you just sit one kid on the lap of the person in the front passenger seat, and another can hang out on somebody’s lap in the back. It’s not like there’s any risk of them getting hurt in an accident, is it?

Actually, that may not have been the best example of don’t-care-about-the-consequences-parenting. Later, we spotted a family in the cab of a removal truck, with the child sat on his mother’s knees, and the father puffing away on a cigarette. Again, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like people are travelling around in several tonnes of metal above 30mph, is it?


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