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  • Spinning in Nova Scotia

    After several years of visiting Nova Scotia and not getting round to it, tonight I went to a spinning class in Dartmouth. I’ve been going to 7Cycle in Singapore for over a year, but I’d never been to any other spinning class, so I was interested to see what the differences were.

  • Training in so many ways

    Today I went back to 7Cycle for my first spinning class in almost six months. The studio moved from down the street from the office to a twenty minute MRT ride away, which precluded any further lunchtime exercise. Not being in the office and with a bit of extra spare time, I stuffed my tightest […]

  • Heavens above

    Today I mostly had flashbacks to last night. Whether it was to doing shots of whisky in the office at 5pm yesterday, or having a plate of whipped cream shoved into my face shortly afterwards (and then being able to only smell cheap, horrible cream for hours afterwards) these hellish visions pursued me through the […]

  • Different worries on a day off

    Today was a holiday in Singapore, which we celebrated with La Serpiente charging into our bedroom at 7 am, shouting at us. Ever since she was sick, she’s been in a venomous mood when she wakes up. On the plus side, she’s been sleeping through the night, so when she does her early-morning banshee impression […]

  • A second spin cycle

    I went back to spinning again today, after a lacklustre session yesterday where I didn’t manage to put much power down. Inbetweenwhiles I’d read an interesting bit of research showing that participants in spin classes tend to exceed their VO2max. Which is to say that there’s little point on just clambering on a spin cycle […]

  • Spinning again and again

    I went spinning again today – the first time I’ve had back to back sessions over two days. I had hoped to go running this evening, but I had a feeling (borne out by the revolting greyness outside the window) that running at the track would be a bad idea, and I wanted to get […]

  • Spinning, pumping, etc

    I had another spinning class today. I also had about 5 hours sleep (La Serpiente woke up just after midnight and kicked off) so I wasn’t expecting to do very well. It was another hard class – lots of standing up and constantly being exhorted to up the resistance on the bike while pedalling much […]

  • Three things on Saturday

    This afternoon I bought a BMW branded cup holder for our stroller. I did this because it was the only cup holder available in Mothercare, and after I had to transport a cup of coffee home this morning while carrying La Serpiente on my hip (the coffee precariously balanced in the stroller where La Serpiente […]

  • Spinning up again

    Last night’s tomfoolery didn’t abate until about 8 this morning, when, after I gave up on trying to sleep with La Serpiente thrashing around on the parental bed, trying to distract my wife from feeding Butterball Destroyer, I went and slept in my daughter’s cot. I had ten minutes of blissful slumber before my wife […]

  • Spinning is the thing

    At lunchtime today, I had my second spin class of the week. Once again I was in a darkened room, gurning to a series of inappropriate songs. Today, that included the Timewarp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Walking On Sunshine from KC and the Sunshine Band. I do not believe these are songs […]