A second spin cycle

I went back to spinning again today, after a lacklustre session yesterday where I didn’t manage to put much power down. Inbetweenwhiles I’d read an interesting bit of research showing that participants in spin classes tend to exceed their VO2max. Which is to say that there’s little point on just clambering on a spin cycle by yourself and trying to get exercise – it’s the whole group think / peer pressure / a madman shouting at you over the greatest hits of 90s techno to speed up that makes the difference. Well, either it was that today, or I was wearing my magic socks.

As a result, I felt full of joy and happiness all afternoon, until the combination of fatigue and stress struck me about 5pm, and then I ended up working late (until about 7:30) then went home, then had to stay up until a 11 o’clock call at work. So all the benefit of training hard may be for nothing, as I’ll have neglected lesson zero in all things fitness – rest as hard as you train.

Still, the day has gone very well. It rained a lot yesterday and the haze has abated. For the first time in what feels like forever, the sky was blue, so I could carry La Serpiente on my shoulders to school this morning, rather than fuss around with a taxi. Not having to wear a pollution mask may interfere with my ambitions to stair climb while sweating as profusely as possible, but I suppose I’ll have to work around that.

I’ll keep this short, as every moment typing is another moment away from bed.

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