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  • The consequences of IKEA

    Tonight I’ve got a three hour run to do. I put off doing it this morning because I was feeling tired from yesterday’s run, and ostensibly because I should be practicing my nocturnal workouts now in preparation for the race. Also, this morning we went to IKEA and I had to have all my mental […]

  • A second spin cycle

    I went back to spinning again today, after a lacklustre session yesterday where I didn’t manage to put much power down. Inbetweenwhiles I’d read an interesting bit of research showing that participants in spin classes tend to exceed their VO2max. Which is to say that there’s little point on just clambering on a spin cycle […]

  • A birthday

    Tonight we had our agency’s tenth birthday celebration. It’s a strange feeling, to be working for a company that didn’t exist for the first six years that I was in paid employment. Or perhaps I’m just getting old.