Another late night

I had two lots of Mexican food tonight, first lunch at Frijoles (a burrito bowl) just round the corner from the office) and then dinner at Junkadelic, a Mexican joint in Naka-Meguro, one stop on the subway from Ebisu where my hotel is. Possibly that was a few too many beans.
The Japanese do wonderful renditions of other nationalities’ cuisines. That said, they do some awful versions as well (mayonaisse on a pizza, anybody?) but when they get it right, they get it really right. I had pretty good guacamole, delicious nachos and a quesadilla that was interesting. Quesadillas are invariably boring, the let-down of every Mexican meal (apart from the hilariously spicy ones that my wife makes when she feels like laughing at me) but this one, despite being not much more than some melted cheese between bread products, was fantastic.

To get there we walked from Naka-Meguro down a deserted street. There was literally nothing there, just a long road with darkened houses on one side and the railway line on the other. Walking back we took a parallel street that was full of fun shops and hipster bars and cafes. I suppose it was better to go through the empty purgatory of the dead street first and return via the interesting street rather than the other way round.

I got back to the hotel about 10pm, by which point my wife was fading, having spent a whole day wrangling La Serpiente Aquatica Negra today. So we watched a ridiculous motorcycle race tonight, far closer than the races last year, and then she went to bed and I went off to do important things like book hotel rooms and stuff dirty underpants back into my suitcase. Ah, the glamour of the business traveller.

Apart from that, I did little that I can speak of today. I quoted Wittgenstein once when discussing ways to verify the quality of data, I drank two coffees (one decent, the other terrible) and I chewed lots of chewing gum. Oh, and I helped to rearrange the office, and got excited about the number of cables that had been spread across the floor rather than neatly secured in place. When did I become somebody who cared so much about cable ties.

Oh, and I learned about .me domains. These are for websites that are nominally located in Montenegro (just as .ie is for Ireland, .jp is for Japan, and so on). It seems that up to today, nobody had registered, and somehow I think there should be a way I can make my fortunre from a very clingy website. But how could you ever monetise relationships? (Ahem.)

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  1. You leave us wanting more ! Was the quote ” you don’t check the news by buying another copy of the newspaper ” ? And did they understand?

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