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  • Singaporean Mexican Birthday Party

    Today was my wife’s birthday, so after work I took her to El Mero Mero (the boss of bosses), a Mexican restaurant in the Chjimes complex. We got there half an hour early so I drank a Tecate and she got on the mezcal before we went into the garden for tacos.

  • The Laziness Of The Long Distance Runner

    Today I went back to MacRitchie Reservoir for an early morning run. It’s been a while since I ran there: there’s a bug on the Garmin website right now which means I can’t search it, but Strava thinks I haven’t run around MacRitchie since October of 2014. Which I suppose could be possible, as in […]

  • Another late night

    I had two lots of Mexican food tonight, first lunch at Frijoles (a burrito bowl) just round the corner from the office) and then dinner at Junkadelic, a Mexican joint in Naka-Meguro, one stop on the subway from Ebisu where my hotel is. Possibly that was a few too many beans.

  • Empellon Tacqueria

    It took me almost four entire days from arriving in New York before I finally got tacos. After an abortive attempt to visit friends in New Jersey, where the culinary highlight of hanging around the Port Imperial ferry terminal was eating a Mrs Fields cookie, I was seriously hungry, so when we arrived at Empellon […]

  • Small children entente

    We stayed overnight with friends in Wolfville, who have a child a year older than La Serpiente Aquatica Negra. Since our child is built, comparative to her contemporaries in Singapore, like a dump truck, it was interesting to see her interact with a girl who was much bigger than her. No longer could she barge […]

  • Mama’s Mexican Kitchen, Seattle

    First published here but like any plan, it may not survive contact with the enemy. If you like this, please vote at the end of that page on Tripadvisor to say that it was helpful. Reproduced below, with readability enhancements: TL:DR; have the bean tacos, avoid the quesadilla. More (much more) below…

  • The Zen of Taco

    While we were in Seattle, I bought Isa Does It, a book of vegan recipes. Alone in the house without my wife to cook me tacos, I extracted a recipe from the book and attempted it.

  • First Birthday

    Today was our daughter’s first birthday, and after we took a photo of her to match the photo from her birthday, and she’d opened presents (some new clothes, a backpack shaped like an owl, some books and toys) we headed out to the Dahlia Bakery for breakfast. Our daughter scrabbled in the dirt while we […]

  • Mex-Out

    For lunch today I walked over towards Telok Ayer and a Mexican restaurant I had passed by on Good Friday, when it was shut. There seem to be more and more Mexican restaurants opening up in Singapore, mostly around Chinatown. Is that because the proprietors reason that Chinese people will go for burritos because they […]

  • Lucha Loco

    This evening, after having parked our child for the night, we skipped out to Duxton Hill to meet friends for dinner. Back home, under the watchful eye of a babysitter, La Serpiente Negra slumbered. We went to Lucha Loco, a Mexican restaurant, to eat tacos and for me to prep myself for the travel ahead […]