A packed Sunday

I didn’t sleep much last night – I took a long time to get to sleep, and then my alarm went off at 6 to tell me it was time to get up and go ride my bike. Of course, that woke up La Serpiente in the adjacent room, so then I had the difficult task of calming her down while wearing lycra, and then once I half-believed she would be quiescent, I fled, hoping that she did settle back down and wouldn’t be screaming the place down five minutes after I was gone.

I had a placid hour on the bike, although at the end a man told me off for not having a bell on my handlebars. The whole minimalist, don’t mount anything on your bike that might get knocked off in a crash or get embedded in your abdomen approach to mountain bikes isn’t really compatible with negotiating your way past pedestrians in a big city, but then you hope that there aren’t that many people out and about before 8 am on a Sunday morning. Still, that was ten and a half miles done, and I got back ten minutes after everyone woke up, so I combined getting my heart rate up with not enraging the rest of my family with my absence. And then we went out and had eggs for breakfast.

I do regret not wearing compression socks while riding, because my legs are sore and weak and have remained so all day. I don’t know that I had some sense of rider’s high as a result of getting out, but I suppose you have to balance that with how miserable I might have felt if I’d had no exercise. And maybe a bit of sleep would have helped.

After breakfast, we went to collect my race number for a race I can’t do in a couple of weeks’ time because (a) I’ve done no training since I broke my toe and (b) I’ll be out of the country on the day of the race. I still wanted to get my t-shirt / free socks / bottle of Lucozade sport / canvas bag. Collection was very simple – I was prepared for being stuck in a queue for an hour while the children voiced their dissatisfaction with Daddy’s choice of a Fun Sunday Morning Outing, but we were there and back in half an hour, including time for the kids to crawl around on a play area and get suitably mucky.

This afternoon, after everyone had napped (what a mercy) I went for a hair cut. I had been tempted to get my head shaved completely, but then I would look like a psychopath and my parents would probably freak out (which, as they’re arriving in under two weeks, is something that it would be hard to hide from them). Plus, the woman cutting my hair looked really worried when I suggested shaving it all off, so instead it’s a sensible close crop on the sides and top. I look a bit like I have Action Man’s haircut. I suppose there are worse things. At least La Serpiente said how much she liked my hair.

I took our eldest to music class. She ran around like crazy as usual, and then got upset when I dropped her water bottle and broke it. I overcompensated for that by buying her a new (horrendously expensive) water bottle, this time made from stainless steel rather than fragile plastic. And within two hours she’d dented that. A little whirlwind of destruction, my daughter.

We got home, had a few more hours of scampering and jibbering, and then after their baths La Serpiente went to sleep very quickly (as she was knackered) and Destroyer was fully committed to a 15 minute nap schedule, which was hardly the most relaxing way for my wife to spend her Sunday evening. Now I’m just waiting for the embrace of sleep to take me and propel me into next week. Half of me is hoping I can get a bike ride in tomorrow as well, and the rest of me is thinking what a silly idea that would be.

Still, onwards and upwards.

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