I love meetings

“You won’t need a mask tonight” my wife said, ever the optimist. Against the best advice of my watch, I was going out for another ascent of the stairs at the Pinnacle, trying to snatch a few moments of exercise at the end of another sedentary day. This had been moat costly in terms of time spent in meetings when I could have been profitably employed in staring out of windows or eating scrambled eggs.

It started when I woke up at five today, not daring to go back to sleep because I was worried I’d sleep through my alarm and miss my 6:30 call with New York. So I skulked around the apartment, my only companions the air purifiers, until that call began.

Ninety minutes later, it ended and immediately I was on a call with Sydney (another ninety minutes) then half an hour with Singapore and Tokyo, another half hour call with Singapore, then into the shower and off to the office, where a half hour meeting turned into ninety minutes, then half am hour of faffing about, fifteen minutes waiting for an Uber that never arrived, then a taxi through a rain storm to a meeting than actually didn’t overrun its allotted 60 minutes, another taxi, another rain storm, an aborted lunch and two and a half hours of meetings to round the day off, before I fled home, did a terrible job or putting La Serpiente to bed, before another one hour meeting that metastasised into two hours, part of which was spent discussing the fact that we have too many meetings, and then, only then did i get the chance to talk to my exhausted wife, rub her shoulders, then take the lift down to start my walk up.

The air quality reading is still Poisonous. Waa my wife not happy with me? I wasn’t happy: slower up stairs by a minute and 25 seconds tonight. Next meeting in seven hours – time I went to bed.

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