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  • Very early to rise, early to bed

    La Serpiente woke up at four this morning, screaming the house down because she didn’t have her big white bunny rabbit. Eventually, my exasperated wife located this cuddly toy, but by then Destroyer had been woken up. Or rather, we heard weeping from her room. We opened the door to check: silence. We closed the […]

  • I love meetings

    “You won’t need a mask tonight” my wife said, ever the optimist. Against the best advice of my watch, I was going out for another ascent of the stairs at the Pinnacle, trying to snatch a few moments of exercise at the end of another sedentary day. This had been moat costly in terms of […]

  • A long day in Sentosa

    Today I went to The Sentosa Resort & Spa in Sentosa. I don’t like it when hotels name themselves like that with a definite article, because it causes no end of trouble when I try to tell the taxi driver where I want to go. "The Sentosa Resort" I’ll say, and then struggle to explain […]

  • Wrong side of bed

    I started the day in a terrifically bad mood. Waking at seven after a difficult night’s sleep (La Serpienta Negra discovering a talent for banging her head on the walls of her crib) I saw a message asking if I could reschedule a meeting I was meant to have at eight thirty, for seven a.m. […]

  • In The Mouth Of Meetings

    My dentist told me,I had to floss; until this year, this was something I only ever did in the most half-hearted way, but now, growing older and more aware of my impending obsolescence, I finally began in earnest. It’s strange; I didn’t feel as though it made much of a difference, but when I failed […]

  • Fatlegged and heavy headed

    The efficiency of London lasted until I got to the office. My taxi deposited me outside my hotel at 7 in the morning, and after I’d dropped off my luggage it was a five minute saunter to where I’d be working. But at 7:05 a.m. there was no receptionist capable of issuing me a pass, […]