Very early to rise, early to bed

La Serpiente woke up at four this morning, screaming the house down because she didn’t have her big white bunny rabbit. Eventually, my exasperated wife located this cuddly toy, but by then Destroyer had been woken up. Or rather, we heard weeping from her room. We opened the door to check: silence. We closed the door: weeping. We opened the door: silence. This idiocy carried on for an hour, after which everyone fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 7:30, well after we should have been up and ready for the day ahead. 

I had a early morning call, so I broke one of my resolutions, to take La Serpiente to school every day that I’m in Singapore. Clearly the lustre of Daddy had worn off, because she’d already been demanding her mother took her to school instead, but when the time came both children were a chaotic yelling mess that my wife had tó manoeuvre out the door, while I sat on my call and remembered not to leave the video camera on while I fell back to sleep. (I’ve learnt that, if nothing else, from my last early morning call.)

Then I rushed off out to the office at 9, for another call that was cancelled just before I got to the office, and then I spent the day thinking hard about things and solving problems until it was time to go home. So that was nice. 

The children spent the evening going boggle-eyed mental, culminating in Destroyer screaming for half an hour for her mother while La Serpiente demanded to be carried around like a rugby ball. Then they both passed out, leaving the two of us broken and wishing only for the warm embrace of sleep. So that was today. 

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