Back on the wall

I had a training session at Boulder Movement tonight and now my hands are super sore. I climbed a few more problems I wouldn’t have attempted before (15s and 16s) but I was a bit tired and the place was crammed, so by the end we were just working on pull-ups, which made me even more tired and further sore. So I guess it was good to go home after that and have a nice rest. My wife was on child duty so I was free to play Blood Bowl and try to figure out what I should do with my life. But mainly play Blood Bowl.

I’m playing with my goblins right now, a lacklustre team of poorly performing players. One of them is meant to spin an enormous ball and chain around his head and smash the opposition, but instead he’s been out injured for as many games as he’s played, and so the star of my team is probably a fireworks enthusiast who throws bombs at the opposition. Writing this, I realise what a strange game it is, but at least I’ve now played 46 games in the trophy, which gets me close to where I need to be to have a decent chance of finishing 150 matches in time for my resolution. (That’s an average of 0.42 matches per day, in case you were wondering.) 

Other than that, a quiet day. I interviewed another person (I average slightly less interviews than games of Blood Bowl per day, but it’s close) and went to a client meeting, but this was a very quiet Tuesday. The weekend will be bigger, I’m sure. 

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  1. The Guardian had an article on Games Workshop last week, and its enduring popularity and development over the years.

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