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  • I left my liver in San Francisco

    I went to a party last night in San Francisco, but like a complete rookie I’d forgotten to eat beforehand, and in fact I hadn’t eaten since lunch, and I was jetlagged to hell, so at 10pm I was already nodding off in the back seat of an Uber. Today I woke up, ready to […]

  • Off we go again…

    It’s important to prepare for a long flight by being rested and hydrated, which was why when I went to the office Christmas party last night, I was doublefisting champagne for the first hour, and then on the wasabi martinis after that.

  • Hangover daze

    Perhaps drinking a bottle of white wine and eating half a Brie weren’t such wise ideas last night, but what made it worse for my wife was the huge storm last night. Apparently. I just woke up at 7 with the kids going loopy and my wife not in bed, and so I tried to […]

  • Of pancakes and exercise

    Screaming woke me. It punctured the shield of the hangover I had, eventually forcing me toeave my bed and see what the children were screaming about. They were, of course, just screaming. They don’t need any particular reason for that. When my wife was at boiling point (the kids had been winding her up for […]

  • Worn out Saturday

    This morning I had a training session at the climbing wall. I hadn’t been back to climb since Monday, when I fell over and busted my hands and my knee, and on top of that we’d stayed up until 2 this morning, rejoicing in the kids being asleep. So I hadn’t exactly prepared myself well […]

  • Day Two In Myanmar

    Last night, after we had recovered from lunch and our horrible early morning start, we went into town to see what there was to see. There’s an enormous pagoda with different Buddhas for every day of the week (complete with signs to tell you which is which) and there’s some slightly decrepit but picturesque colonial […]

  • Scale down

    Yesterday afternoon while the girls napped I sneaked away to a new climbing wall in the basement of a shopping mall, and had a pleasant half hour falling off things onto a crash mat. Then in the evening I drank the remainder of our Australian gin trove, and woke up this morning with a sore […]

  • Hangover

    We had a friend’s birthday party in a Japanese restaurant last night. It was a seafood restaurant, so the only thing I could eat was French fries, and there was a free flow drinks promotion, where you could drink as much as you wanted for $35 in 90 minutes. Although you were admonished by the […]

  • Partied out

    This morning I awoke feeling crapulent, apparently the result of one pint of beer last night. We went downstairs to a 4th birthday party in the mezzanine area of our building, on an incredibly hot, humid day. The girls ran around playing with water pistols, or drew with chalk on the ground, or slid around in puddles of […]

  • An aftermath

    Eventually last night I located my friends, by which point they’d reached that time in the evening where you’re pounding shots of whiskey and shouting along to Drake songs for an hour. Hopelessly far behind in the inebriation stakes, I watched befuddled and wondered what I was doing awake when I could have been at […]