Scale down

Yesterday afternoon while the girls napped I sneaked away to a new climbing wall in the basement of a shopping mall, and had a pleasant half hour falling off things onto a crash mat. Then in the evening I drank the remainder of our Australian gin trove, and woke up this morning with a sore head.
So today I wasn’t a high achiever. I had thought about going for a long run today to make up for yesterday’s failure, but I’ve got something wrong with my neck now – my body is basically in total revolt against me – so instead I took the girls to the shops. My trusty kitchen scales, which have lasted me since the late 90s, broke today so I had to go buy a replacement (and buy the girls ice cream, of course).

Getting to the shops was an odyssey, enduring La Serpiente alternately running around like a capering fool and complaining that she was tired and wanted to sit down. At least Destroyer was placid in the stroller. On the way back, they both ran, leaving me to stagger after them with the redundant stroller. At least they were cute doing so.

I hoped all the running around would wear them out, but it still took La Serpiente until 9 to sleep. I suppose being tired did mean she wept through bathtime, but that wasn’t really a bonus. And now to lie on my back and recover from the weekend, in time for the week.

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