Worn out Saturday

This morning I had a training session at the climbing wall. I hadn’t been back to climb since Monday, when I fell over and busted my hands and my knee, and on top of that we’d stayed up until 2 this morning, rejoicing in the kids being asleep. So I hadn’t exactly prepared myself well for this.

We did some technical work first; concentrating on hip movements and ways to shift your body weight on the wall, without moving yourself away from the wall. It’s simple to shift weight onto one leg by bending your knee, but then you can have your leg pushing you away from the wall, and then you fall off. Moving your hips around feels less natural but keeps you up in the air.

Then we moved on to another wall I haven’t used before, where you have to alternate holds and move around in circles. This starts off easy and quickly gets very difficult when you find the only way to reach the end of a series is for your body to flap away from the wall like a loose door in the wind. And then you fall off.

Finally, we did some modifications to squats to make that harder; either more weight via barbells and kettlebells, or more coordination, by making me walk out from each squat into a plank and then back up again, which was brutal for my shoulders.

I imagine I pulled a whitey as I always do when in extremes of exertion, because my trainer told me I should go to bed and recuperate from my late night and drinking. Little did he know that I’m in this sorry state every weekend, due to the kids, regardless of whether I’ve been drinking or not. So instead I took the girls to their swimming lessons, and then to pick up lots of stuff from my office, and then home again to try to wear them out. They slept, I unpacked more boxes. The apartment feels almost complete now.

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