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  • Frozen II

    Today, the second day that Frozen II was on general release, the girls put on their Elsa dresses and we all trooped off to the Majestic cinema in Ballard. My wife researched the plot in advance to know when the girls would break down in tears, but I chose surprise.

  • Pancakes and copious weeping

    I woke up late this morning and took the girls for pancakes. Normally we get a big table to ourselves, but because we were late, the big tables were all full and the three of us crouched around a small table. Things went fine until Destroyer, trying to return her empty babycinno cup and saucer, […]

  • Today We Die A Little

    Two weeks ago, I finished reading Today We Die A Little, a biography of Emil Zatopek, the Czech runner, and it seems appropriate, now I’m lying on my bed with my legs aching from today’s run, that I get round to reviewing it.  I have three favourite books about Czechoslovakia; The Good Soldier Svejk, Under […]

  • Trigger Warning: Love You Forever

    Tonight, as usual, La Serpiente Aquatica Negra selected three books for me to read to her while she sat on my lap before she went to bed. The first was about Peppa Pig playing football and the third I can’t remember, because the second was the titanic misery fest that is Robert Munsch’s Love You […]