Frozen II

Today, the second day that Frozen II was on general release, the girls put on their Elsa dresses and we all trooped off to the Majestic cinema in Ballard. My wife researched the plot in advance to know when the girls would break down in tears, but I chose surprise.
I think I liked the first Frozen more than the second, because Let It Go is superior to the songs on the new soundtrack. Or I’ve been brainwashed by hearing it constantly for the last five years. The plot, well, I don’t want to give much away but there’s death, revelations about family members and enormous monsters. (This time made of rock rather than snow, but similar behaviour.)

La Serpiente sat next to me and Destroyer sat next to her mother, and by the first bit of emotional content, both were shuddering with tears. La Serpiente ended up sat in my lap, tears rolling down her cheeks, saying "I don’t want to watch this any more" and that was before drowning, death and the threat of being crushed under tonnes of masonry.

Still, they both made it to the end of the film and they both seemed to be happy at the end, capable of speaking about plot points and surviving the demise of a favourite character. So that was nice. We left the cinema about 4,when it was still light outside – a surreal experience, to leave a film in daylight – and then Destroyer broke down completely when we didn’t let her take two hours to eat her dinner.

So a successful afternoon, I think. The girls still aren’t totally in love with the cinema, but I can hope…

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