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  • No Time To Die

    We went to see the 25th Bond film tonight, the glorious No Time To Die, in a boutique cinema up past Shoreline where you could order food to be delivered to your seat, and booze too.

  • Frozen II

    Today, the second day that Frozen II was on general release, the girls put on their Elsa dresses and we all trooped off to the Majestic cinema in Ballard. My wife researched the plot in advance to know when the girls would break down in tears, but I chose surprise.

  • Toy Story 4

    I had the kids today, so to entertain them we first went to REI for them to play in the tree house, and then after a lunch of ham and cheese, we went to the Majestic Bay cinema in Ballard to watch Toy Story 4.

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Last night, after work I walked to a cinema to watch the latest Avengers movie. This three hour extravaganza has been heralded as the conclusion to an incredible cycle of superhero movies, and something to watch before spoilers could taint it. So my expectations were high

  • Captain Marvel

    This evening, after I’d played a game of Blood Bowl in a gaming cafe, my wife and I went to see Captain Marvel, the latest Marvel superhero movie.It has Jude Law, alien shapeshifters, callbacks to other Marvel movies (in particular, Guardians of the Galaxy), confusing plot twists, and the Nineties. 

  • Extreme Job

    To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we went out to a French restaurant and had a huge steak each, then followed this with ice cream at Apiary, and then… went to see a Korean action-comedy called Extreme Job.

  • Into The Spiderverse

    This year, I’ve set aside $100 every month for my wife and I to go and do something fun. That’s not a lot in the general scheme of things, but I find unless I have a bit of money explicitly allocated to fun, I feel a bit guilty spending on it. This evening, we spent […]

  • Widows

    Widows is a film based on a Lynda La Plante TV mini series from the 1980s. The film remake was directed by Steve McQueen, who last made 12 Years A Slave, and then I guess wanted to kick back and direct a trashy heist flick.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    I wanted to go see Creed II but instead I went with a friend to the Freddie Mercury biopic. The posters for both films show a man arching his back and looking upward. I’ve yet to see Creed II to compare the content – will it also rehash the early 80s?

  • Wreck It Ralph Breaks The Internet

    Tonight, with nothing else to do, I went to watch the sequel to Wreck It Ralph. This could have been a very bad idea – Wreck It Ralph has the kind of lethal emotional payload where you go in thinking you’re watching some sacharrine animated entertainment, and come out 90 minutes later weeping because somebody […]