Extreme Job

To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we went out to a French restaurant and had a huge steak each, then followed this with ice cream at Apiary, and then… went to see a Korean action-comedy called Extreme Job.

In this film, five incompetent police officers try to stake out a gang of drug dealers, by hiding in a fried chicken joint across the street. The chicken joint goes out of business so to keep up their cover they reopen it and become an accidental success. Hijinks ensue for some time, and then there’s an incredibly violent finale as it’s revealed each of the police officers has a special talent for beating the crap out of people. 

I laughed, I winced, I wondered if I should eat some fried chicken. I kept wondering if the tall, very lethal female bodyguard was played by the same actress as the woman in City of Violence, but neither film has a complete cast list published on imdb, and I’m now not sure. Maybe the City of Violence lady was different, or just a decade younger. 

Apparently this was one of Korea’s most successful films. They do love their fried chicken. We left the cinema at close to midnight, baffled but amazed. 

Will the next ten years be anything like this? Could anything beat Extreme Job? 

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