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  • Extreme Job

    To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we went out to a French restaurant and had a huge steak each, then followed this with ice cream at Apiary, and then… went to see a Korean action-comedy called Extreme Job.

  • Anniversaries and terrible ideas

    We had a day of birthday and anniversary celebrations today. In the morning, a birthday party for a three year old over at East Coast Park. Everyone else there seemed to know each other from the same church, a place in a shopping mall near our old flat in Chinatown, surrounded by Korean barbecue joints […]

  • Five years

    Today, I realized at four this afternoon, was the fifth anniversary of my wife and I starting to date. Fortuitously, I’d already booked dinner at a nice restaurant, even if the reason for that had been because I could afford it, rather than because I’d remembered what date today signified. I have to thank the […]