Anniversaries and terrible ideas

East Coast Park
We had a day of birthday and anniversary celebrations today. In the morning, a birthday party for a three year old over at East Coast Park. Everyone else there seemed to know each other from the same church, a place in a shopping mall near our old flat in Chinatown, surrounded by Korean barbecue joints and dodgy karaoke places. Well, redemption theology does suggest you put churches near where there are people needing to be redeemed. People kept asking us if we went to the church, which made me wonder if either the establishment is utterly enormous, or they just aren’t very observant and never remember anything about the rest of the congregation. We ate too much ice cream and cake, came home, then La Serpiente sacked out.

At two this afternoon, we got up and crossed the road to our friend’s birthday party, where I met a guy who was a painter. “Ah, like Hitler” I said, going for the most demented conversational gambit that crossed my mind. We talked about work, and Nazis, paint and adolescent scrawlings in all-boys schools, and then I told people about my latest business idea*: a meth lab in Singapore.

Nobody would be stupid enough to have a meth lab in Singapore, as they’d be bound to get caught and executed. Which makes for the perfect cover, as nobody is going to be looking for something that doesn’t have any chance of existing. And if you want to double bluff things, why not tell everyone you’re building a meth lab, thus further shielding yourself from suspicion?

I’m not sure what the target demographic would be. Probably hipsters obsessed with Breaking Bad: but are there many of them in this compact city state? Perhaps before forming a proposal and going to the bank to get funding, more research is required. Somebody at the party said they could introduce me to a police officer though. That would be handy.

This evening we left such idiocy behind for our anniversary dinner (the anniversary of our first date, rather than our marriage). This year I was a month and a half late, but compensated for that with lots of wine and apple and pinenut crumble. We were at a lovely restaurant, spoiled only by the blue glow of every other person’s smartphone. Why go to a fancy schmamcy restaurant just to check your email?

* Well, business idea as in “something that’s going to end up in my time travel novel as an example of something very stupid that somebody’s going to do, rather than my plan to get rich and retire”. Just in case you’re reading this with irony-proof goggles.

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