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  • No Time To Die

    We went to see the 25th Bond film tonight, the glorious No Time To Die, in a boutique cinema up past Shoreline where you could order food to be delivered to your seat, and booze too.

  • Extreme Job

    To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we went out to a French restaurant and had a huge steak each, then followed this with ice cream at Apiary, and then… went to see a Korean action-comedy called Extreme Job.

  • XXX again

    After the convention was finished, I sneaked off to see the new XXX film, XXX 3 or whatever it’s called. Compared to it, the Fast and Furious films are the Greatest Story Ever Told. The stunts are great (though Tony Jaa is criminally underused) but there’s literally no plot. Characters swap from enemry to friend […]

  • Owls called Jane

    Today my daughters got given identical purple owls for Christmas, both called Jane. I suppose that’s less confusing, somehow. Destroyer is slightly taller than Jane, but only just, and Jane is rotund enough that La Serpiente can’t fit her arms all the way round her when she hugs her. Nevertheless, they both took their Janes […]

  • Suicide Squad

    After all the hype, after all the terrible reviews that I avoided reading because I was scared of having plot twists revealed, my wife and I finally got to see Suicide Squad. I was taken aback that I wasn’t more disappointed.

  • Ghostbusters

    Last night I watched Ghostbusters. This was a film that generated a vast amount of furore because (spoiler alert) the principal members of the cast were all women, whereas in the original they were all men, and thus as a result everyone’s childhood was going to be ruined (thirty years later) by a remake/reboot/reimagining of […]

  • The Force Awakens (a bit late)

    Tonight we finally got out to see the latest Star Wars extravaganza, although due to heavy traffic on the way to the cinema we missed the first five minutes? (ten minutes? an hour?) which left me wondering for the rest of the experience what important plot point we’d completely missed. Of course, that didn’t really […]

  • Revolving airports

    I watched an awful lot of rubbish on the plane on the way back to Singapore. Most of it was so rubbish that it left no trace on my memory apart from a vague sense of disappointment, and then there was Legend, which did a fairly bad job of romanticising the Krays: a nicer pair […]

  • What I Learned Last Weekend

    Amy is a spectacularly depressing film. Having watched every dreadful film on the way out (Vacation, Get Hard, and others too numerous to mention) on the way back to Singapore I watched … Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Which was even worse than my wife warned me. But I also watched Amy, a documentary about […]

  • The Program

    This evening I went to see The Program, because there’s no better way to avoid jet lag than to sit in a darkened room, eschewing all natural light. (Although to be fair, if you’re going to take part in a fundamentally unsociable activity, what better time to do it than when separated from your family […]