Owls called Jane

Today my daughters got given identical purple owls for Christmas, both called Jane. I suppose that’s less confusing, somehow. Destroyer is slightly taller than Jane, but only just, and Jane is rotund enough that La Serpiente can’t fit her arms all the way round her when she hugs her. Nevertheless, they both took their Janes to bed, which led to all sorts of shenanigans as they couldn’t lie down properly with these enormous owls in bed beside them.
I tried to explain to La Serpiente that it was time to go to bed and she needed to sleep in order to have lots of energy tomorrow. "But I have lots of energy now" was her plaintive reply, and that’s a hard one to argue with. So I went next door to Destroyer, and had her scream herself asleep while her sheep burbled away. Destroyer is getting more tired as the week goes on, I think, or giving up earlier. Since I’ve been timing her, she’s gone from 45 minutes of shouting at me, to 15, to less than 5. So that’s a victory of sorts.

This evening my wife and I watched Yoga Hosers, Kevin Smith’s film about teenage girls working in a Canadian convenience store. It is truly dreadful. The cinematography is good, but everything else about it was a waste, for the actors, the wrtiers and the viewers. I will say no more about that, in a week where I also watched the much more competent Rogue One.

Also, I should have been wrapping presents, not watching garbage. But there’s still one night before Christmas. Everything is going to be just fine.

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