No Time To Die

We went to see the 25th Bond film tonight, the glorious No Time To Die, in a boutique cinema up past Shoreline where you could order food to be delivered to your seat, and booze too.
The film was fantastic – reading reviews afterwards I’m surprised at how poorly it’s been received – with lots of loud action scenes, and some great emotional arcs, much more so than in previous Daniel Craig films (or indeed most Bond films in general). The downbeat ending (I looked over to see my wife weeping) matches my other favourite, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and there’s a return to great evil mastermind HQs, hardly ever done in the modern Bond era.

There were a few flaws – Bond’s kid seems strangely introduced, there isn’t enough screen time for the evil mastermind – but I didn’t feel there were any flat spots in the film. Altogether a great send off for this iteration of the franchise.

And I got doughnut holes to eat. What more could you want?


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