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  • No Time To Die

    We went to see the 25th Bond film tonight, the glorious No Time To Die, in a boutique cinema up past Shoreline where you could order food to be delivered to your seat, and booze too.

  • The Sympathizer

    Today I finished The Sympathizer, another of the books I discovered via the bookshop in Suvarbharmi Airport. It was really strong, even if the last chapters seemed to fade in strength – or perhaps that was my own fatigue.  The Sympathizer is about a double agent in the South Vietnamese secret police, eventually escaping to […]

  • Pete The Cat And His Four Groovy Buttons

    This was a book I chose for La Serpiente at the library a couple of weeks ago. It stars Pete, a real hep cat with a coat with four groovy buttons. As the story goes on, the groovy buttons pop off his coat one by one and roll away. But does Pete get upset? Goodness […]

  • Two Hours

    Two Hours, a book about marathons, was something I only found out about via a circuitous chain of hyperlinks. DC Rainmaker’s blog linked to a Tracksmith-sponsored piece of photojournalism, where they took pictures of the 3rd and 4th place athletes at the US Olympic trials. (Third place goes to the Olympics, fourth place goes home.) […]

  • The Martian

    On the plane from Denpasar to Singapore, I read The Martian, a sci-fi update of Robinson Crusoe, where an astronaut on a mission to Mars is stranded and has to find a way to survive for years, utterly alone. It involves lots of human waste, and potatoes.

  • The Breakaway

    It seems I must not go spinning in the evening. The previous time I did so, I was wrecked for a week. This time round, I couldn’t sleep until two in the morning. I tried getting up, sitting down, thinking calming thoughts, listening to the world’s most boring podcasts, but it wasn’t until I ate […]

  • Where’d You Go, Bernadette

    Tonight after Spanish, I decided not to eat my customary burger, but to get something more healthy. After an hour walking through the brightly lit food desert that is the Bugis+ mall, I admitted defeat, and settled for a bag of crisps and some cookies from Subway. This was not a meal that brought me […]

  • The Luminaries

    The Luminaries is the longest book to ever win the Booker Prize (832 pages), by the youngest prizewinner (Eleanor Catton will be 29 this year). My parents cruelly gifted me a hardback copy, which has been ever harder to read than if I’d had it on my Kindle. Today, gripped by a five-pint hangover, I […]

  • Transformers: Age Of The Letdown

    It’s a gift that keeps on giving, the endless disappointment of watching each Transformers movie. The latest, Age of Extinction, was touted as having exciting dinosaurs in it, but apart from a cursory prologue, the all-kinds-of-awesome Dinobots don’t figure in the story until the geographically confused final part, when Hong Kong turns out to be […]

  • Eating well is the best revenge

    This morning we left the hotel and went over the road to the Icon, a fairly ludicrous bar and grill, decorated with vast amounts of blown glass masquerading as pieces of candy, where we were served breakfast by a man with a hangdog expression on his face and a tight-lipped taciturnity that left me marvelling […]