Avengers: Endgame

Last night, after work I walked to a cinema to watch the latest Avengers movie. This three hour extravaganza has been heralded as the conclusion to an incredible cycle of superhero movies, and something to watch before spoilers could taint it. So my expectations were high
It was… very long. Three hours long. Even in a reclining cinema seat, sitting that long isn’t comfortable. The woman next to me left at one point to buy more nachos. I kept watching, almost dozing off…

… because it’s not three hours of spectacle. It feels more like all the filler from every film has been included, and they could have told the story as effectively in two hours.

They still could have fitted in the fan service, the neurotic need to include a short glimpse of every hero from ever previous film (except, perhaps, the original actor who played Jim Rhodes in the first Iron Man film). The cumulative effect of all this repetition was to make me bored, make me wish I was home with my shoes off, relaxing. Instead, I watched a very, very long trailer for lots of other films about people in very tight trousers.

It still worked on some levels. There’s a tear jerking subplot about fatherhood. There are some special effects that are great (I’m not sure how thr fat superhero is so convincingly obese – CGI? Practical effects?) but still, the cardinal sin, of being boring, was something this film was all too guilty of. A fitting end, then, to the series? Probably not. The cash cow must moo some more first.


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