Captain Marvel

This evening, after I’d played a game of Blood Bowl in a gaming cafe, my wife and I went to see Captain Marvel, the latest Marvel superhero movie.
It has Jude Law, alien shapeshifters, callbacks to other Marvel movies (in particular, Guardians of the Galaxy), confusing plot twists, and the Nineties. 

Half the film seems to be references to the 90s. There’s a Garbage song (Only Happy When It Rains) while Captain Marvel is riding a motorcycle in the sunshine (after theft of a motorcycle that looks like it should be a homage to Arnie in Terminator 2, but then goes in a different direction) , a Nirvana song in an AI simulation (but I think it’s anachronistic because Captain Marvel, in this plot, could never have heard the song), some more hyped up random nostalgia (look!!! Blockbuster Video!) and some flying in space. 

The fight scenes are good. The plot is telegraphed from a hundred miles out. There are a few good twists, and there’s a great scene which explains why people are scared of cats. It’s not the greatest movie, or even the greatest Marvel superhero movie, but it was a perfectly pleasant way to spend 90 minutes. 

A shame it is two hours long; but then just like clothes in the Nineties I suppose it’s appropriate it was baggy. 


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