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  • Frozen II

    Today, the second day that Frozen II was on general release, the girls put on their Elsa dresses and we all trooped off to the Majestic cinema in Ballard. My wife researched the plot in advance to know when the girls would break down in tears, but I chose surprise.

  • Toy Story 4

    I had the kids today, so to entertain them we first went to REI for them to play in the tree house, and then after a lunch of ham and cheese, we went to the Majestic Bay cinema in Ballard to watch Toy Story 4.

  • Coco


    We watched Up in the cinema and the opening sequence made us cry; with Coco, another Pixar film, it took until the finale for there to be tears rolling down my face, but chalk up another success for the Emeryville company. (Cars 3, on the other hand, was just a bit shit and never made […]